When I was going to college and working full time, I found that I often did not have enough hours in a day to code. This could mean me risking my job, which would result in me having to move back in with my parents. It could also mean that I could flunk a class, which would mean that I would have to spend thousands of dollars taking another semester of school. This is why I sometimes resorted to giving my work or teachers a doctors note when things were too busy.

I found that the most I would mostly use an excuse note when I was very sick. This meant that I could have some extra time to take care of myself, which meant that I could recover from a bad case of the flu much quicker. This was very much appreciated, because I found that the stress of finals week would almost always put me down with a bad case of the flu. I also found that using a note was far better than having to go to the hospital for an official note. I did not have to spend an entire day, that I could use getting some bed rest, in order to have to a doctor tell me to drink more water. It also meant that I did not have to spend hard earned money on a doctors note.

vacation granted with the use of DR.NOTE

vacation granted with the use of DR.NOTE

I also really liked how easy it is to get a doctors note. I am able to simply download a number of templates that I can then alter to fit my needs. These templates are for a wide range of hospitals, and look like the standard notes that they print off in the hospital. Some of the ways that I was able to alter an excuse not was by simply changing the location of the hospital, name of the doctor, and by adding my name to the note. These notes are also free, which was something that was very much appreciated by a poor college kid that simply needed some extra time to succeed.

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